Blockchain, beyond sandboxes and proof of concepts

SettleMint makes building blockchain applications easy for IT teams. Mint, SettleMints middleware solution for blockchain technologies, abstracts away layers of complexity from blockchain development reducing the “time to capable” for an average developer from 12-18 months of R&D to 12-18 days. Mint has been used by clients for a broad range of applications and use cases, from an Exchange Traded Product (ETP) issuance and trading platform to a calamity insurance application to a platform for managing the process of passing legislation by a government in the Middle East.

TD's Financial Concierge, Powered by Flybits

The relationship between FinTech and traditional banks is often framed as a David and Goliath story. However, rather than viewing the rise of FinTech as competition, increasingly banks are seeing FinTech as an opportunity for collaboration and innovation. In September 2015, TD partnered with Flybits, a context-as-a-service solution that enables enterprises to harness all sources of data — proprietary, public, from device sensors and real time user behavior — to deliver highly personalized mobile experiences.

Beyond PSD2, stories from the global Open Bank Project community

Simon Redfern, CEO of the premiere open source API solution for banks, the Open Bank Project, will lead a conversation on the future of Open Banking beyond PSD2. How financial institutions and regulators outside Europe are responding to the imperative of openness and making the most out of it.

Simon will be joined by Leila Fourie, CEO of Australia Payments Network which is advocating for an Australian Open Banking regulation and Dhruva Chitradurga, head of wholesale banking channels at Emirates NBD, one of the largest and most innovative banks in the Middle East

Compliant Investment Platform for marketing & back-office administration (Katipult & MaRS VX )

Katipult is a financial technology company that offers cloud-based software that enables firms to design, set up and operate an investment platform.

Our technology is a complete end-to-end solution that manages the entire investment cycle - from deal origination, user onboarding, marketing and distribution of offerings, payment facilitation, and investor reporting & management - all on one powerful platform

How Securefact helps BMO Transportation Finance manage new customer risk to make commercial lending decisions.

Securefact is a Canadian RegTech providing Know your customer (“KYC”) solutions to the financial services industry to manage compliance, fraud, and financial risks of new customers in a digital environment.

Together with BMO Transportation Finance, Securefact has helped build a system to automate commercial lending decisions with speed and confidence. The session will highlight Securefact’s offerings while sharing the bank’s journey working with Securefact to manage KYC and new customer risk.

Reducing false positives while catching the bad guys. Is Entity and Network analytics the answer?

Understand the value that the next generation of advanced analytics bring to combating financial crime.

We’ll discuss some practical applications of these new techniques and why this new approach is dramatically changing the way that organisations are monitoring, managing and investigating Financial Crime Risk