How do global corporates expect to experience gpi from their banks? From corporate endorsement to gpi enlightenment

SWIFT gpi is live, delivering fast, transparent and traceable cross-border payments with a guarantee of unaltered remittance information. Corporates worldwide have endorsed the new service and welcomed the transformation of cross-border payments. Keen to reap the benefits, they are now eager to find out how the gpi offering will be tailored to their needs and requirements. In this interactive workshop 4 global corporates will share their expectations and discuss how SWIFT gpi can best support their business strategy.

SWIFT gpi onboarding – Experiences from the field

In this session we will look at the actual implementation and integration of SWIFT gpi within a bank. This event will cover what steps should be taken into account and which aspects considered when preparing for gpi testing, go-live, payments Tracker and/or bank portal integration through APIs. Find out from SWIFT, as well as from live gpi banks, who will share their experiences including the challenges faced and successes.

SWIFT gpi - Time to join!

Looking for a fast, transparent, traceable and proven cross border payments solution? Join this SWIFT auditorium session to hear first-hand from banks and corporates about SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi), the new standard for cross-border payments . In this session we will provide insight into the new service, including the innovative payments Tracker and Observer, as well an update on the global uptake. Live gpi users will share on their implementation and first customer experiences. In short, this will be the session to also get your organisation ready to join the gpi journey.

What’s next on the wish list of the corporate treasurer for global payments innovation?

The SWIFT global payments innovation (gpi) service aims to respond to an increased demand from treasurers for speed, transparency and traceability in cross-border payments. Is the proposed service going far enough or is this just the beginning of a much longer journey? Which other pain points need to be tackled and how are banks responding?

Banking APIs – Disruptive threat or innovative opportunity

Highly popular as a means to create open environments and easy data sharing with consumers and businesses – APIs are now everywhere. Also in Banking, APIs are being rolled out at high speed, and in some regions even promoted through local regulations such as PSD2. However, open Banking APIs are also clearing the field for new entrants. How will banks cope with this potentially disruptive change? Will large social media networks, e-commerce platforms or online payment systems disintermediate banks?

Blockchain and payments: Lessons learnt and future prospects

The past 12 months have seen initiatives across the globe further experiment with blockchain technology in pursuit of the holy grail of a production ready Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) payments solution. Alongside FinTech initiatives, individual banks, central banks and SWIFT have confirmed their interest in DLT, testing the waters with various trials and proof-of-concepts. What are the key takeaways from these initiatives? What role will blockchain play in the future of cross-border payments? And how can we make the future happen?