From definition to implementation – A new MyStandards offering to solve your standards-related issues

SWIFT will soon launch a new offering which combines our Standards expertise with technology that can map and convert any message into MT or ISO 20022 format. Want to hear from the MyStandards product experts on how it can lead to a seamless backend integration and validation? Then join us at the SWIFTLab to experience a sneak preview of this new solution.

ISO 20022 implementation experiences with SWIFT

A number of leading banks and industry financial market infrastructures have already successfully migrated and/or adopted ISO 20022 for one (or all) of their business areas. Many others are in the midst of their journey or are still determining the best approach for implementing ISO 20022. SWIFT plays an active role in supporting many of those initiatives in various ways, throughout the different stages of the project lifecycle. Join this session to hear about some of the lessons, best practices and the variety of potential implementation strategies available today.

ISO 9362 BIC Implementation: are we on track for the November 2018 deadline?

The end of the transition period for the BIC implementation, November 2018, is approaching. Are you ready for the revised ISO 9362 standard? Have you started your project to be ready on time?
Representatives from various communities will gather to share their experience, how the required changes impacted them, lessons learned and what more needs to happen to make this a success for the whole SWIFT community.
On invitation only, for more information please contact

APIs and open banking

An overview of the work achieved in the Open Banking area regarding the API definition and implementation process. With a focus on how ISO20022 as a business standard can contribute to improving design time and overall interoperability.

Find your way in the transformation of asset servicing, transaction processing and regulatory reporting

Securities transaction processing is a well mature business area. The adoption of ISO 15022 more than 15 years ago, has allowed the industry to reach straight through processing levels never imagined before. Does it mean that from a standards point of view, there is nothing left to be done? What about the co-existence with ISO 20022 and the impact of new technology?

APIs for beginners

Shopping on the internet, mobile payments, initiatives such as W3C’s web payments extend traditional payments into the global reach of Google, Apple and Facebook. Standards play an important role in a rapidly changing banking landscape.
This session will explain APIs and the benefits they get from using financial business standards from the ground up. Please pre-register by sending an email to

ISO 20022 – An introductory training course

ISO 20022 is being adopted by financial markets and communities all over the world; it is rapidly becoming the natural language of financial telecommunications. If your business is not yet a fluent speaker of ISO 20022 – this session will introduce you to fundamental concepts, the scope, the methodology, the repository of standard definitions and the places where you can find everything else you are going to need as ISO 20022 rolls out. Please pre-register by sending an email to