Syracom: TARGET2 changes drastically: ISO 20022 and new Liquidity Management. Are you ready for Software Readiness by October 2020?

ECB has announced its T2/T2S Consolidation Programme. TARGET 2 flows will change completely. New Formats, new flows, new communication interface, new directories, new liquidity management requirements. ECB enforces a Big Bang. Milestone tracking by ECB expected to commence in December this year. The session deals with ‘what to do’ and touches on challenges.

ING: The disruption of payments

The first and probably most disrupted part of the financial industry is without any doubt payments. What is the current status and how are big banks dealing with the massive changes that new technologies have brought in the space? Or are they finding opportunities to come with new and improved client solutions? Evelien Witlox, ING's Global Head of Payments & Cards, shares her insights and some of the secrets of how leading European bank ING is innovating in the payments space, among others by developing innovative solutions and by collaborating with and investing in fintechs.

INTESA SANPAOLO - Will tomorrow's production systems behave as living organisms?

According to the latest technological developments, production timings and order-payment-delivery processes are changing, becoming even more optimized. This is also possible thanks to some innovations like Open Banking APIs, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which will lead to a deeply modified Bank’s role.

CGI: The consequences of an open, standard, instant payments world

We are entering a period of profound restructuring of the banking value chain. The introduction of faster payments and Open Banking is reshaping the landscape of the banking industry as we know it. Big Tech, unrestricted by formal banking regulations, can take big strides into the banking arena by becoming distributors of banking product intermediaries in the value chain. FinTechs may be allies not enemies. There is a need for banks to rethink their strategies including partnering with FinTechs to bring a different point of differentiation to the table.

Blockchain with Microsoft

Financial services institutions looking to provide differentiated customer experiences often face an uphill battle managing manual multi-party workflows. Blockchain presents an opportunity for banks to streamline workflows and extend digital transformation into the processes they share with other parties. Blockchain technology is already being used to transform everything from trade finance and commercial insurance to regulatory compliance, claims processing, and B2B contract processing.

Intix: Transaction tracking, visibility and control is the name of the game

As transaction banking is witnessing a flurry of digital innovations, one major value proposition stands out: transaction visibility and control through enhanced tracking.

Offering increased transaction visibility to your clients is a safe bet. Various industry innovations are elevating client expectations and succeeding to prove their value, such as SWIFTgpi as well as various blockchain initiatives in payments and trade finance.

Perago: Central Bank Digital Currency: A real-world approach

Central Banks are exploring the issuance of banknotes into the digital domain through Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). This introduces new challenges and opportunities for payment systems, commercial banks, and society. During this presentation Giori Digital will share its direct experience discussing CBDC with more than 80 Central Banks and the resulting path that brings digital currency to reality.