Financial Industry vs Cybercrime: Insights into Russian-speaking Darkweb

While the importance of cybersecurity is finally indubitable, the actions taken to bring the security of financial industry to a new level are not coordinated between major players and across countries. The success of Sberbank Group in fighting cybercrime in 20+ countries of operation is assured by extensive threat intelligence sharing program and innovative approach to Fraud prevention. Being the largest financial institution in Russia and Eastern Europe, Sberbank Group remains the prime target for Russian-speaking cybercriminals.

Creating super teams to drive innovation in correspondent banking

Correspondent banking is evolving – fast! Innovation in this space is great news for end customers and provides new opportunities for banks to add increased value. The role of technology is huge, but it is only an enabler. How banks affect positive change for themselves and their customers has as much to do with putting in place the right people and processes that make innovation possible. In this session, we’ll discuss how banks need to organise themselves to inspire and launch new ideas, and what it takes to win the war for talent and create super teams in the 21st century.

Merging Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence the next generation of AML investigation and detection

Artificial Intelligence is powerful but is unable to use the Human Intelligence effectively. Entity Resolution and Network analytics is the bridging technology that effectively combines Human Intelligence with Artificial intelligence and is enabling organisation to reduce false positive as well as finding criminal elements such as Human Trafficking, Terrorist cells and Ivory Smugglers. It also provides a mechanism to effectively monitor Trade, Markets and Correspondent Banking

bond-i: A global first World Bank blockchain bond, in partnership with Commonwealth Bank Australia

We will present the story of the World Bank’s issuance of the first Blockchain Bond, known as Bond-i, on August 23rd, 2018 and will describe the World Bank’s leadership in Capital Markets, the transaction, the platform, the close collaboration with Commonwealth Bank of Australia and discuss potential implications of the technology in Capital Markets.

Sibos Roundtable: Delivering the trade environment of the future – by Accenture

Trade finance is at a unique moment; a combination of technology, environment and regulatory factors means the industry is set to transform. Many banks are investigating how to leverage technologies such as distributed ledger, changing the way they do business and opening up their ecosystems. Together with four banks, Accenture and Finastra will engage with participants to co-develop client-driven visions and break barriers to deliver the business models and ecosystems of the future.

Open Banking and APIs

With hyper-connectivity becoming the new norm, banking APIs are expected to proliferate rapidly enabling an ecosystem of banks, corporates and FinTechs to combine services. Reach, standardisation and security remain the key problems to solve in an API-connected environment. Let’s take a closer look at how the industry is evolving and how APIs will support a new way of communication.