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The global data wars

The open data opportunity, while in its nascent stages globally, is already predicted to generate in excess of $3 trillion in economic value annually across major sectors, from healthcare to transportation to consumer finance , solely based on the impact of availability of data alone. This is to say nothing of the thousands of new companies and tens of thousands of new economy jobs that will be stimulated as a result of this burgeoning opportunity.

Is a ‘cyber 9/11’ event inevitable?

The World Economic Forum has put cyber-security and fraud as top threats for the entire world. The sophistication of threat actors is increasing at a seemingly exponential rate, massive data breaches are almost common place and we are reaching cyber security scenarios where everything can be used as a weapon, and anybody could be a target. But are we still waiting for the ‘big-one’, the seismic ‘cyber 9/11’ event that changes everything?

Stay ahead of the curve with gpi Observer Analytics

As a gpi-member bank it is paramount for you to stay on top of your business development strategy and to gain that competitive edge. Beyond the business insights currently offered by gpi Observer Insights, discover how gpi Observer Analytics can help your business. Be among the first to hear about the newly launched offering, built upon our world-class secured Business Intelligence Watch platform.

Initiating your gpi journey? Business Intelligence supports you every step of the way

Are you looking to develop your gpi business case or prioritisation strategy? Do you know where to gain the tangible insights needed to identify new business opportunities and adequately drive your resources? BI for gpi will answer these questions, allowing you to assess your payments landscape, analyse your potential end to end gpi reach, as well as support initiation of gpi payments. You can also gain valuable new business insights to up your game and improve your corporate value proposition.

Can proper reference data management really lower risks? An Asian perspective

From a lack of operational efficiency to an increased risk of fraud, inappropriate reference data can lead to many impactful issues amongst which are reputational damage and sub optimal compliance with the industry standards. Discover how ANZ deals with these challenges, through the voice of David Buckthought, their Technology Manager for Payments Data.