CPMI strategy for reducing the risk of wholesale payments fraud related to endpoint security

Recent examples of payments fraud have shown that they can succeed because of weaknesses in security at one endpoint in the ecosystem. While wholesale payments fraud can cause material risks to individual financial institutions, it may also have a broader systemic impact on a payment system, its ecosystem and the broader economy.

Sanctions filter testing: Determining effectiveness and driving efficiency in a fast changing sanctions landscape

This session will consider regulatory developments that are now shaping this space and driving the urgency for sanctions filter testing in APAC and globally. We will discuss how to control effectiveness, provide regulatory evidence, and maintain and develop an effective sanctions compliance programme.

Discover the SWIFT offering that enables you to improve your due diligence experience

Join us at the knowledge bar to discover everything about our portfolio of KYC and reference data products and how they can help improve your due diligence experience and increase customer satisfaction. Ask us any question you might have on what data we provide and how our solutions can be accessed or integrated within your own environment.

Financial Crime Compliance in APAC: Year in review plus a look at 2019

Regulatory focus in Asia Pacific is at an all-time high, and financial institutions are being pressed to raise their game in response. This Knowledge Bar session will provide an interactive opportunity to discuss current priorities and the impact of increasing regulatory pressures, including more prescriptive approaches to sanctions testing, the shift from KYC to KYCB (‘Know Your Customer Behaviour’), as well as further changes anticipated in 2019.

Wire fraud prevention in APAC: State of play

While cyberattacks are a global phenomenon, Asia has been home to a number of high-profile wire fraud attacks. In response, regulators and banks in the region are taking the lead in developing strategies and best practices around wire fraud prevention, risk mitigation, and recovery of systems and funds. Join Saqib Sheikh, who heads SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme (CSP) in APAC, and special guests to learn how financial institutions, regulators, and SWIFT are tackling cyber threats with community-based strategies and solutions – including SWIFT Payment Controls.

Machine Learning in AML: IIF survey results and discussion

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence offer the promise of improving AML detection while addressing exploding compliance costs. The Institute of International Finance recently surveyed a diverse group of banks and insurers to better understand their exploration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for AML purposes. Join Adrien Delle-Case, Policy Advisor at the IIF, to learn the industry's view of these technologies' potential to reshape AML practices and improve outcomes, as well as which regulatory hurdles need to be overcome.

Adverse Media: Not just for big banks (and here’s why)

Know Your Customer compliance has never been more critical. Regulators expect banks to properly evaluate their correspondents and put appropriate risk controls in place. In this session, Alex Tame, Global Head of Partners and Content Integration at Dow Jones, will discuss how banks can use negative news and regulatory findings about (potential) counterparties to improve KYC and Customer Due Diligence processes. Dow Jones Adverse Media data is available through the SWIFT KYC Registry, where new pricing makes it affordable for even the smallest Registry users.