ISO 20022 Real-time Payments Group (RTPG) update and panel session on RTP initiatives

Description – The RTPG has published usage guidelines for several ISO 20022 messages to promote the development of both domestic and cross-border RTP initiatives. Members of the RTPG Core Group and representatives from local markets will report on how these usage guidelines are being used and how they are providing value in the take-up of RTP. The RTPG will also present a panel of subject matter experts that will focus on industry initiatives which are contributing to the development of the real-time payments ecosystem, in both local and cross-border markets.

Community developed open banking APIs

Based on the BIAN Industry Standard, the BIAN members developed a comprehensive set of Open APIs to be used by the Financial Services Industry. These APIs are fully aligned with the ISO20022 standard for easy adaptation. This presentation gives you an in-depth insight in the current status, how to use and how to contribute. We will ask the audience what they expect as next steps?

Collaborative API design

Join us for a sneak peek into the collaborative API design process at SWIFT. In this session, SWIFT’s experts will demonstrate how to leverage standard API collaboration tools integrated with ISO 20022 data repositories to enable testing in an API sandbox

ISO 20022 migration: The time is now

In April 2018 SWIFT launched a large scale community consultation on migrating cross-border MT traffic to ISO 20022.
Following this consultation and the feedback received on the proposed approach, this session will take a closer look at overall market trends and readiness of the SWIFT community to migrate to ISO 20022. We will also share how SWIFT plans to support the migration and present solutions to help users in their journey.

Build your own API

Building Web APIs, and more specifically RESTful APIs, requires the designer to isolate and specify the resources (like account, payment, bond, …) that the API will expose. In this session, we will show how we intend to maximize compatibility with the ISO20022 business standard whilst adhering to this new API paradigm. We will also show the complete end-to-end management of APIs; from design, over sandboxing and documentation, to production and maintenance.