Driving purposeful innovation across the payments landscape

While it is critical to stay aware of the many interesting ideas and technologies challenging the future of payments, we need to have a relentless focus on helping people thrive in a complex world. Westpac and Assembly come together to discuss the forces of change in payments and financial services and how they are collaborating to design and deliver innovations that power an improved customer experience.

ISO 20022 Real-time Payments Group (RTPG) update and panel session on RTP initiatives

Description – The RTPG has published usage guidelines for several ISO 20022 messages to promote the development of both domestic and cross-border RTP initiatives. Members of the RTPG Core Group and representatives from local markets will report on how these usage guidelines are being used and how they are providing value in the take-up of RTP. The RTPG will also present a panel of subject matter experts that will focus on industry initiatives which are contributing to the development of the real-time payments ecosystem, in both local and cross-border markets.

Creating super teams to drive innovation in correspondent banking

Correspondent banking is evolving – fast! Innovation in this space is great news for end customers and provides new opportunities for banks to add increased value. The role of technology is huge, but it is only an enabler. How banks affect positive change for themselves and their customers has as much to do with putting in place the right people and processes that make innovation possible. In this session, we’ll discuss how banks need to organise themselves to inspire and launch new ideas, and what it takes to win the war for talent and create super teams in the 21st century.

Open Banking and APIs

With hyper-connectivity becoming the new norm, banking APIs are expected to proliferate rapidly enabling an ecosystem of banks, corporates and FinTechs to combine services. Reach, standardisation and security remain the key problems to solve in an API-connected environment. Let’s take a closer look at how the industry is evolving and how APIs will support a new way of communication.

Lessons learned and looking ahead: A bank’s journey with AMH and SWIFT Professional Services

When replacing mission-critical software such as a financial messaging system, banks need to face migration challenges and solve new problems to adhere to the changing landscape. In this session we will zoom in on the ups and downs an AMH customer had on their journey of replacing their messaging systems by AMH. What are the pitfalls and what can we learn from them? What opportunities brought additional value? How did the bank join forces with SWIFT Professional Services?