Past Sibos: Geneva 2016

Over 8,300 delegates came together in 2016

Each year, Sibos attracts participants from across the world, with attendees representing a wide range of markets, job functions and institutions.

Over 8,300 delegates came together at Palexpo for Sibos 2016 Geneva. There were attendees from 158 countries. These figures highlight why Sibos is such a valuable event for business leaders looking to gain new perspectives and learn about, and influence, the latest developments in the financial services industry. The below series of charts illustrates the range of participants by business focus, area of responsibility, job function, type of institution and geography. They give a flavour of the diverse Sibos community.

Sibos is the only worldwide industry specific event. There are regional ones but Sibos has all the important players from around the world”

– A 2016 exhibitor
The Year

Who attended Sibos 2016 Geneva?

  • Primary business focus
  • Primary area of responsibility
  • Function within institution
  • Type of institution
  • Region
  • 18%Trade service
  • 16%Cash Management
  • 2%Derivatives
  • 4%FX/MM
  • 14%Not selected
  • 34%Payments
  • 13%Securities
  • 28%Business Development/Strategy
  • 2%Compliance officer/Risk MGMT
  • 3%Customer Services
  • 9%Financial Operations
  • 9%Information Technology
  • 3%Innovation
  • 7%Marketing
  • 14%Not Selected
  • 6%Product Management
  • 15%Sales
  • 1%Standards
  • 3%Technology Operations
  • 6%Account Manager
  • 7%Analyst/Consultant
  • 9%Board Member/CEO/CFO
  • 1%Compliance Officer/Risk Manager
  • 1%Corporate Treasure
  • 11%Departmental Manager
  • 23%Managing Director/Director/EVP
  • 12%Not Selected
  • 10%Relationship Manager
  • 8%Section Head/Supervisor
  • 12%Vice President/Functional Head
  • 4%Central Bank
  • 32%Commercial Bank
  • 6%Corporate
  • 1%Custodian
  • 1%Exchange
  • 4%Investment Bank
  • 1%Investment Manager
  • 17%Not selected
  • 4%Payments Market infrastructure
  • 2%Retail Bank
  • 3%Securities Market Infrastructure
  • 24%Software Vendor/Consultancy
  • 1%Broker/Dealer
  • 14%Americas
  • 13%APAC
  • 49%EMEA
  • 24%UK/Nordics

Conference information

Real world change

For nearly 40 years, Sibos has brought financial leaders together to network, collaborate and make sense of changes in the industry. The Sibos conference helps to build an understanding of the forces impacting the financial community. 

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Art at Sibos

The Anouk Foundation

The Anouk Foundation was the Art at Sibos partner for 2016. Its mission is to create soothing environments for children and adults staying in hospitals, special needs institutions and nursing homes.

The non-profit foundation, headquartered in Geneva, was created in 2008, and uses art to foster healing and promote well-being across Europe’s medical facilities. To date, it has completed over 100 projects in 13 countries.

Transforming the landscape at Palexpo

In-line with the theme for Sibos 2016, the artists worked onsite during Sibos week to produce two transformative frescos. Delegates engaged with the team to feed in their ideas and provide further inspiration.

One of the artworks reflected the hot topics discussed at the conference, whilst the other was produced specifically for Maison sous Balme – one of the institutions that the Anouk Foundation supports.

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