Past Sibos: London 2019

Sibos 2019 London

The biggest Sibos gathering ever

Sibos 2019 took place for the first time in London, a global financial superpower renowned for its affinity for finance, technology and innovation, and home to many leading figures in the financial services industry.

Held at ExCeL London between 23-26 September, Sibos 2019 was the biggest Sibos physical gathering ever, with 11,500 delegates attending and more than 300 exhibitors. Delegates used their smart badges to exchange contact details an incredible 170,000 times throughout the week, forging thousands of new connections, creating new business relationships and opportunities.

Find out who attended this year’s event

Who attended Sibos 2019 London?

  • Primary business focus
  • Primary area of responsibility
  • Function within institution
  • Type of institution
  • Motivation to attend
  • Region
  • 24%Payments
  • 23%Other
  • 17%Technology
  • 11%Trade Services
  • 7%Securities
  • 7%Cash Management
  • 4%Consultancy
  • 3%FX/MM
  • 3%Compliance
  • 2%Cyber security/Risk management
  • 1%Derivatives
  • 32%Business Development/Strategy
  • 22%Other
  • 12%Sales
  • 8%Information Technology
  • 7%Operations
  • 6%Product Management
  • 6%Marketing
  • 3%Innovation
  • 2%Customer Services
  • 1%Compliance Officer/Risk Manager
  • 1%Standards
  • 24%Other
  • 22%Managing Director/ Director / EVP
  • 11%Vice President/ Functional Head
  • 10%Departmental Manager
  • 9%Board Member / CEO / CFO
  • 8%Relationship Manager
  • 6%Section Head/Supervisor
  • 5%Analyst/Consultant
  • 5%Account Manager
  • 1%Compliance officer/Risk manager
  • 1%Corporate Treasurer
  • 26%Commercial Bank
  • 21%Other
  • 16%Software/IT Vendor
  • 7%Fintech/Start up
  • 6%Consultancy
  • 5%Payments Market Infrastructure
  • 5%Corporate
  • 3%Investment Bank
  • 3%Central Bank
  • 2%Securities Market Infrastructure
  • 2%Retail Bank
  • 1%Exchange
  • 1%Custodian
  • 32%Gaining insights/Sharing practises
  • 29%Sales/New business opportunities
  • 20%Networking
  • 19%Other
  • 41%UK/Nordics
  • 32%EMEA
  • 14%APAC
  • 14%Americas

Sibos conference theme

Thriving in a hyper-connected world

The 2019 conference theme – thriving in a hyper-connected world – looked at the challenges and opportunities that mass digitisation and data-driven relationships present for the Sibos community.

It explored the impact of new technologies on infrastructures, value propositions and business models and identified the culture, skills and working practices that organisations need to maximise the potential of both human and machine capabilities.

Explore the theme and relive the highlights of Sibos 2019 London by watching the publically available videos – including the Opening and Closing plenaries, Big Issue Debates and Views from the Top sessions, via the Sibos Insider platform.

Conference information

Successful debuts

Sibos 2019 London introduced a range of new initiatives. Find out more about the event:

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