Sustainability initiatives are central to Sibos. We are committed to increasing environmental awareness and bringing about positive change in the world around us. In 2019 our main focuses were:

Protecting our
  Caring for the
equality & diversity

Sibos Sustainability initiatives in 2019


85,862 trees planted in Zambia in partnership with WeForest.

Sibos partnered with WeForest on a tree planting campaign in Zambia, resulting in a total of 85,862 trees being planted. Sibos planted seven trees for each delegate, who could also donate EUR 10 to plant an additional seven trees. As one of the best ways to reduce global warming while also contributing to biodiversity, restoring soils, improving air quality and alleviating poverty, SWIFT further contributed to reforestation efforts by planting trees to compensate for the travel of its employees to the event.

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6,290 single-used plastic bottles saved thanks to the Sibos drinking bottles and water fountains.

Sibos gifted reusable water bottles to each delegate and provided water fountains across the venue, helping save 6,290 single-use plastic bottles. ‘Edible water’ was also distributed every day of the event free of charge in an initiative sponsored by SIX Securities Services. The orb shaped ‘Ooho’ capsules, produced by London start-up Skipping Rocks Lab, were made from 100% biodegradable brown algae, and were ideal for Sibos 2019 London where over 11,000 delegates were ‘on the move’.

Sibos reusable water bottles


Transforming, repurposing and redistributing materials in partnership with Ecobooth, ExCeL and Community Food Enterprise.

Sibos worked with Ecobooth to transform three tonnes of exhibition stand materials with the Repurpose with Purpose campaign. Employing the latest recycling technology, Ecobooth created 100% recycled outdoor furniture for East London schools local to last year’s venue, ExCeL London.

Exhibitors and delegates got involved too and took action to reduce their environmental impact, which included Sibos’ first zero-waste stand, while 5,600 delegate badges were collected for single-use waste reduction and recycling.

In collaboration with the ExCeL, Sibos also offered exhibitors the opportunity to donate items to Community Food Enterprise (CFE), which redistributes surplus furniture and food to charities and community organisations in the London borough of Newham, including refugee centres, homeless shelters, breakfast clubs and soup kitchens.


Shining the spotlight on green financing, financial inclusion and the future of work and society.

Banking for a better world, one of the Sibos 2019 London conference themes, debated issues such as green financing, financial inclusion and the future of work and society for people. The fourth day of Sibos, ‘Talent Thursday’, comprised of specialist talks and activities that were targeted specifically at aspiring individuals who will determine the future of our industry, inspiring debate on the ethical and environmental implications of the sector.


Encouraging trust and integrity in financial services through the SWIFT Institute.

SWIFT and the SWIFT Institute sponsored the Ethics & Trust in Finance Prize, which encouraged high-quality management of banking and financial services based on trust and integrity. Every two years, the Prize invites young professionals to participate and contribute to the reflection on the importance of the benefits of a more ethical approach to banking and finance, promoting greater awareness of the need for ethics, integrity and trust in the finance sector. At Sibos 2019, three short-listed nominees of the Prize gave presentations on the themes of their research essays on the Spotlight stage during ‘Talent Thursday’.


30 future female leaders fostered through the STAR scholarship programme to support diversity in finance.

The STAR scholarship programme brought together women aged 24-43 from 17 countries, including the UK, Sweden, South Africa, China and Australia, to benefit from the networking and learning opportunities at Sibos. The dedicated week–long programme fostered the development of female talent, focusing on expanding networks and expertise, meeting speakers and participating in conference sessions to support progress to senior levels.


8,000 hours of respite breaks and support raised in collaboration with the Honeypot Children’s Charity.

In 2019, Sibos partnered with The Honeypot Children’s Charity, raising 8,000 hours of respite breaks and support for young carers and vulnerable children across the UK, many of whom would otherwise have nowhere to turn. The charity is the only organisation in the UK dedicated to support what’s been termed the ‘hidden army’ of young carers. It’s estimated that there are some 800,000 young carers in the UK that spend many hours each week caring for their loved ones, from giving them their medication and completing household chores to helping with personal care.

A total of GBP 4,775 was raised on site at Sibos 2019 London, with every Sibos attendee who purchased a branded honeycake or made a donation to the charity having the chance to win one of a selection of fantastic meet and greet experiences. The Sibos 5K, which was sponsored by SIX, raised an additional 958 hours of respite breaks. Every GBP 3 donated contributed 30 minutes of support for Honeypot carers.


Supporting Speakers for Schools to bridge inequality in education.

Speakers for Schools

Sibos partnered with Speakers for Schools in 2019, a charity that bridges educational inequality by helping established influencers and industry leaders give their time to state schools.

Founded by journalist Robert Peston in 2011, Speakers for Schools aims to ensure young people of all backgrounds have the chance to be inspired and encouraged by the leaders of today, sparking their ambitions and belief in what’s possible for the future. It brings state schools access to the same prestigious networks available to the top fee-paying schools in the UK, arranging assembly-style talks from high-profile figures, and also supporting businesses in running high-impact work experience programmes.

The charity has reached over 820,000 young people to date through over 8,000 speaker and employer engagements in over a third of all secondary schools and colleges across the UK. The Speakers for Schools speaker roster includes some of the most influential people in the UK - CEOs, politicians, leaders in the arts and university professors.