We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and driving positive change in the world around us. We recognise sustainability is also fundamental to the business strategies of Sibos delegates and exhibitors. Sibos 2020 includes a broad range of initiatives to support our commitment to sustainability. The programme is designed to make it as easy as possible for the entire Sibos community to work together to deliver a more sustainable Sibos.

Sustainable, responsible finance will be core to the Sibos conference agenda. The banking for humanity conference strand will focus on the industry’s role in the transition to a low-carbon economy, developing financial services that change lives, and the importance of workplace diversity.


Our sustainability strategy focuses on three areas:


Protecting our
  Caring for the
equality & diversity

Protecting our environment


Offset travel emissions

In 2019 Sibos and its delegates funded the growth of 85,862 trees in Zambia. This year, in partnership with WeForest once again, we plan to exceed this number by funding 13 trees for every paying delegate. Reforestation is one of the best ways to reduce global warming, and also contributes to biodiversity, restoring soil, improving air quality and alleviating poverty. Every tree counts. By donating 10 euros when you register for Sibos, you can finance 13 additional trees.


Smart stand design, repurposing and recycling

Sustainability will be at the heart of the design and production of all Sibos and SWIFT exhibition features. Sustainability guidelines are provided for all exhibitors to help them create and manage more sustainable stands. Exhibitors can repurpose and recycle any unavoidable waste via partnerships with the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center’s C.A.R.E programme, Save That Stuff and Food for Free.


Buying local, catering for all tastes

Sibos will offer a range of locally sourced, seasonal catering to attendees, with more plant-based options available.

Caring for the community


Empowering through sport and recreation

As part of our work to promote equality and diversity in local communities, we’re partnering with Dream Big, a Boston charity that empowers girls through sport and recreation to contribute positively to their health and well-being. Funds raised will provide equipment and sportswear for low-income and homeless girls.

Promoting equality & diversity


Enabling talent to shine

The STAR scholarship fosters the development of women in finance, providing them with opportunities to expand their networks and expertise. Leading banks from around the world will be invited to nominate a high potential, ambitious female employee to participate.


Connecting the talent of today and tomorrow

Talent Thursday bridges the gap between present and future, encouraging the critical dialogue and exchange of new ideas between senior leaders and the next generation that is essential to the diversity of the financial sector.


Showcasing the Sibos community

The Sibos conference programme is carefully curated to ensure it features speakers from a broad range of regions, cultures and backgrounds, reflecting the inclusivity and diversity of the Sibos community.


Celebrating women in finance and beyond

On the Wednesday of Sibos a special networking event will bring the Sibos community together to celebrate women who have inspired throughout history, and the importance of female leadership in the financial industry.