Sustainability & diversity initiatives

Working together to #LeadTheChange

At Sibos we’re committed to protecting the environment, caring for the community and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

We recognise these issues are also fundamental to the business strategies of Sibos participants and exhibitors. Working closely and collaborating with the Sibos community, our long-term aim is to be one of the most sustainable global events, and lead much-needed change across the industry.

Swift adheres to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), taking the next step towards a low-carbon future. As part of this worldwide climate action initiative, we’ve set ambitious, science-based emissions reduction targets in line with a 1.5 ºC future.

The carbon footprint of Sibos 2023 Toronto was measured and will be used as our baseline target footprint for future North American Sibos events to ensure we’re always improving. See more details on our results here.

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The Sibos Sustainability Pledge

The Sibos Sustainability Pledge is part of our commitment to lead meaningful change across the industry. Attendees pledge their support by agreeing to at least five specific actions to help make a positive change. Examples include opting for meat-free lunches, supporting our charity partner, and engaging in conference sessions addressing workplace diversity. You’ll be able to sign up for this year’s pledge from July, either on or the Sibos app.

Exhibiting companies can also participate by completing the sustainability questionnaire provided in the exhibitor manual. By completing the questionnaire, you commit to our pledge and help the Sibos team better understand and calculate the environmental impact of the event. 

Once you've signed up, the Sibos pledge icon will appear in the participant/exhibitor lists on and the Sibos app to highlight your support. 

Protecting our environment

Our priority is to reduce CO2 emissions generated from Sibos by working with all stakeholders to lessen the impact of travel and transportation, reduce waste and optimise the use of resources.


Promoting biodiversity and climate resilience

For many years, Sibos has contributed to nature conservation projects as part of our sustainability efforts.

For 2024, we'll be providing support to WWF’s Living Yangtze initiative in China, which works to restore habitats for biodiversity, strengthen their adaption to climate change and fight pollution.

The Yangtze is the world’s third longest river and provides water, food and livelihoods for hundreds of millions of people in China. It's also home to incredible biodiversity from giant pandas and snow leopards to over 400 species of fish and the world’s only freshwater porpoise.


Reduce, reuse, recycle


Sustainability is always at the heart of the design and production of all Sibos and Swift exhibition features. We continuously look to limit the volume of materials used, source items locally to prevent unnecessary transportation, and choose options that can be rented, reused or repurposed.


Collaboration with our exhibitors is key and together we can make a difference. We provide a range of support to help exhibitors create and manage sustainable stands. We also ask them to think carefully about any giveaways, and to repurpose and recycle unavoidable waste.

We provide sustainability guidelines and a ‘Sibos Sustainable event guide’. We also ran a free training session with a sustainability expert, covering everything from stand design to managing the end-of-life of materials used, which is available to download via the exhibitor portal.

We encourage all exhibitors to sign up to the Sibos Sustainability Pledge by completing the questionnaire in the exhibitor manual.


Our participants also have a vital role to play. We ask participants to bring a reusable water bottle and use the correct bins for their waste. To help reduce paper waste participants can visit our digital Newscorner for electronic copies of newspapers and magazines and use the QR code on their participant badges to exchange contact details on site.

sustainable food choices

Buying local, catering for all tastes

Our sustainability commitment extends to our catering choices. During the event, we offer a diverse and sustainable menu that celebrates local flavours and seasonal ingredients. By prioritising local and sustainable choices, we aim to nourish both our participants and the planet.

Caring for the community

Sibos is attended by thousands of participants from around the world and it’s important we create a positive impact in our host cities.

Giving something back

Our 2023 charity partner was SickKids Foundation, the fundraising arm for The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada’s largest centre dedicated to improving children’s health.

As Canada’s most research-intensive hospital, SickKids works hard to find new treatments and cures, and train the next generation of experts in child health.

Funds from Swift, exhibitor partners and Sibos participants supported the hospital’s Garry Hurvitz Centre for Brain & Mental Health. You can learn more about the Centre’s vital clinical care and research here.

In 2024, we will also be supporting a local charity partner that delivers social impact.

Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion

STAR scholarship

Enabling talent to shine

The STAR scholarship fosters the development of women in finance, providing them with opportunities to expand their networks and expertise. Leading banks from around the world are invited to nominate a high potential, ambitious employee to participate.

Diversity on show

Showcasing the Sibos community

Sibos supports the Inclusive Panels Charter and our conference programme is carefully curated to ensure it features speakers from a broad range of regions, cultures and backgrounds, reflecting the inclusivity and diversity of the Sibos community, and championing the importance of these issues in our sessions.


An inclusive event

When we select our venues for Sibos we carefully assess their level of accessibility, for example step-free access to the venue, wheelchair accessible bathrooms and the ability to bring guide dogs into the venue. In addition, our digital pass means anyone could join conference sessions and access our networking tools from their home or office, anywhere in the world.