Is there a deadline for registering?

There is no deadline to register for Sibos 2024; you can do this right up until the event and even register onsite. We do however strongly recommend you register as soon as possible to make the most of Sibos tools and to secure your accommodation.

How do I register?

You will need to use your company’s BIC or PIC code to register for Sibos. Fintech companies are also invited to attend Sibos providing they are a fintech which has been operating for at least two years, and they have a product or service for the financial industry.

Once you have submitted a request to register, the registration team will process your request as quickly as possible. If further information is needed, the registration team will contact you on the email address you provided. If you have provided enough information, your request will be passed directly to Swift and you should receive a response within five working days.

What is the cost of a Sibos pass?

  • Week-long participant pass including lunch (4 days) = EUR 3,400
  • Two-day participant pass including lunch = EUR 2,900
  • One-day participant pass including lunch = EUR 1,450
  • Fintech pass including lunch = EUR 1,000
  • Talent Thursday pass = EUR 500 
  • Digital pass = EUR 275

Please note: A maximum of two one-day passes can be purchased. Participants wishing to attend for more than two days must purchase a week-long pass.

How do I pay for my registration?

When registering for Sibos 2024, you can make payment by credit card or through a bank wire transfer.

Please note that the option of bank wire transfer is not available for fintech, hostess and technical passes.

Do you offer a visa invitation letter?

Swift will supply a visa support letter to those with a confirmed registration. When you complete your registration, the option to ‘Download Visa Letter’ is in the registration confirmation email.

What is a BIC or PIC code?

BIC (Bank Identifier Code) codes are required from financial institutions to access the registration site for Sibos 2024 Beijing. Each financial institution has a specific BIC code that can be obtained from the Swift BIC directory page.

PIC (Partner Identifier Code) codes are required from Swift registered vendors (Solution, Business, Service and Network Partners) to access the registration site for Sibos 2024 Beijing. If you do not know your PIC code, please contact


Why is my BIC/PIC invalid? How do I register?

You may be entering an invalid/disconnected accreditation code. Please check with your company that you have the most recent code available. If you’re unsure, you may search for a company’s BIC code using the Swift BIC directory. Alternatively, you may submit a registration request for Swift to review.

Do I need ID when on site at Sibos?

Participants will be required to show a government issued photo ID upon arrival at the CNCC, Beijing. The ID must be physical, no digital or photocopies will be accepted. 

The official IDs that will be accepted are a passport, driver’s license or national identity card. Please make sure that you bring your photo ID with you to Sibos each day, as if you do not have an appropriate ID to accompany your Sibos badge you will not be granted access.

To help streamline security checks, please remember to keep your badge on and visible at all times and always carry your photo ID.

Travel & Hotels

How can I make payments while in China?

As a foreign traveller to China, there are many options available for making payments. It’s important to research and plan ahead to ensure you have a convenient and secure way to make payments whilst visiting the country. One option is to use cash, which can be obtained by exchanging your home currency for Chinese Yuan at a bank or currency exchange.  

Another method of payment is to use a credit card, although it is important to note that not all merchants in China accept foreign credit cards and charges will likely apply.  

Mobile payment apps are widely used and more information can be found here.

How can I book my hotel?

You will be able to book your accommodation via your confirmation email, once you have completed the registration process. All questions and enquiries for Sibos 2024 hotels are managed by the Sibos hotels team ( or +44 207 706 5569). 

What are the requirements for travelling to China?

China-bound travellers are not currently required to take COVID-19 tests prior to border entry, nor to declare a test result on the Health Declaration Form.  

Local regulations require foreigners to carry valid passports and Chinese visas or residence permits at all times. Entry and exit requirements are strictly enforced, as are restrictions on activities by any particular visa class. 

How do I obtain a visa to travel to Beijing?

If you’ll be travelling from outside of China to Sibos 2024, it's likely you'll require a visa, unless you are from a visa free entry country. Please note visas are valid for a limited time only. Please ensure the dates for your visa are relevant to the period you'll be visiting the event.

As it stands today, various countries can enter China visa-free for 15 days (Austria, Belgium, Brunei, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland). Many more countries may be added to this list in the following months.  

For information on obtaining a visa for Sibos 2024 please visit here, this site will lead you to your local Chinese Visa Application Service Center.

Once you have completed your registration on, you will be able to download the visa invitation letter needed in the application of your China visa. Please contact if you require additional support.


Will there be a translation service available for local Chinese, non-English speakers?

Simultaneous translation will be available during select conference sessions at Sibos Beijing 2024. This will include the opening and closing plenaries, as well as View from the Top, Inside Leadership and Big Issue Debates. 

Simultaneous translation of these conference sessions will also be available to digital pass holders and in-person participants via the Sibos app or when logged in on  

More information about translation services at Sibos Beijing 2024 will be available closer to the event.

Will I be able to access Wi-Fi in the venue?

Yes, there will be a free of charge network available for international participants. Your passport details will be required to register for access. 

4G and 5G will also be available, but please note roaming charges will apply. Please check with your network provider in advance for details of costs.

Our company is interested in exhibiting at Sibos 2024 Beijing, how do we do this?

The exhibition floor for financial institutions, Swift partners and relevant industry players with an established relationship with Swift is sold out for this year. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please email for further information. 

If you're a fintech, you can also exhibit in our Discover area if you meet the eligibility criteria. Please contact Innes Macleod for further information.


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